Valid Text Message Formats

In general, the format of the text messages to report scores should take the form of:

  [gender - if applicable] [sport] [school name] [score] [opponent] [score]

  Example: Girls Basketball Some High School 42 Other High School 37

Individual sports may also use the alternative sport names shown below.

Band Valid Sport Formats

  • Band

Banquet of Champions Valid Sport Formats

  • Banquet of Champions
  • banquet abbreviation for Banquet of Champions
  • boq abbreviation for Banquet of Champions

Baseball Valid Sport Formats

  • Baseball

Basketball Valid Sport Formats

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • bbk abbreviation for Boys Basketball
  • gbk abbreviation for Girls Basketball

Cheerleading Valid Sport Formats

  • Cheerleading
  • cheer
  • cheering

Cross Country Valid Sport Formats

  • Boys Cross Country
  • Girls Cross Country
  • bcc abbreviation for Boys Cross Country
  • gcc abbreviation for Girls Cross Country

Evening With The Stars Valid Sport Formats

  • Evening With The Stars
  • evening abbreviation for Evening With The Stars
  • stars abbreviation for Evening With The Stars

Football Valid Sport Formats

  • Football
  • fb abbreviation for Football

Golf Valid Sport Formats

  • Golf

Queen of Queens Valid Sport Formats

  • Queen of Queens
  • queen abbreviation for Queen of Queens
  • queens abbreviation for Queen of Queens
  • qoq abbreviation for Queen of Queens

Soccer Valid Sport Formats

  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • bso abbreviation for Boys Soccer
  • gso abbreviation for Girls Soccer

Softball Valid Sport Formats

  • Softball
  • sb abbreviation for Softball

Swimming Valid Sport Formats

  • Boys Swimming
  • Girls Swimming
  • bsw abbreviation for Boys Swimming
  • gsw abbreviation for Girls Swimming

Tennis Valid Sport Formats

  • Boys Tennis
  • Girls Girls
  • bte abbreviation for Boys Tennis
  • gte abbreviation for Girls Tennis

Track Valid Sport Formats

  • Boys Track
  • Girls Track
  • btf abbreviation for Boys Track
  • gtf abbreviation for Girls Track

Volleyball Valid Sport Formats

  • Volleyball
  • vb abbreviation for Volleyball

Wrestling Valid Sport Formats

  • Wrestling
  • wr abbreviation for Wrestling
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Wrestling Championship
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