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Libby Shepherd

For close to twenty years, one person has been directly responsible for promoting, developing, and encouraging cheering in the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference: Libby Shepherd. Cheer mom, coach, co-director, judge, director, consultant, fan, interpreter, spectator, supporter. You name it, if it deals with cheering, she’s done it.
All one has to do is attend a cheering championship at WesBanco Arena to realize the impact her efforts have had on the Conference. Averaging over 3,500 spectators, the event is one of the most electric competitions the Conference holds, and the revenue generated helps to support many of the other lower revenue sports. The souvenir program has grown to be one of the largest printed, and has been responsible for funding over $25,000 in scholarships.
Several years ago, when the Executive Board was trying to develop ways to help underwrite the annual Banquet of Champions, it was suggested that we sponsor a junior high cheering competition, but they didn’t want to overburden Shepherd with yet another project of this magnitude. When approached for her thoughts, Libby was quick to volunteer, not only to financially help the Conference but also to promote and encourage the sport at a lower level. The rest is history. The efforts of this event alone have allowed the OVAC to continue to showcase and recognize hundreds of students each spring.

As we approach the twenty-fifth anniversary of the OVAC Cheering Championship, we dedicate this year’s website to Libby Shepherd and thank her for her efforts and loyalty to both cheering and the Conference.

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